You’ve probably heard of one of the top hosting companies out there because your business partner might have said things about it. Then, they went on to say that they also offer managed services as well.
What is managed hosting? Well, for you to understand what it is, I want to talk about dedicated and cloud hosting first.
Dedicated hosting is where you will get a server from your hosting provider and you will lease that server so that you can use that for your website.
Cloud hosting is basically using a network of servers from across the world to provide you with all of your hosting needs.
With all of those things being said, what is managed hosting exactly?

Managed Hosting

This is a type of hosting service where the hosting company will be the one to do all of the heavy work. This includes setting up the server, installing the operating system, implement security protocols such as installing a firewall and anti-malware program, updating all of the existing software and patching them to ensure that there are no vulnerabilities, maintaining the server so that it runs in tip-top condition, among many others.
You see, if you are getting a dedicated hosting plan, you will be given a choice of managing the server yourself or having the company do that for you.
Here are some of the general managed services that you can expect in greater detail:
1. Setting Up
The hosting company will set up the server by installing your operating system of choice. They will also install an accompanying control panel where you can control certain parameters of your website and server as well.
2. Monitoring
This is where they will monitor the health of the server, as well as making sure that everything is in working order.
3. Security
In most cases, security scans will be conducted regularly to ensure that all of the loopholes and vulnerabilities are patched, as well as making sure that you are running the latest version of your software security suite.
4. Troubleshooting
Should there be any problem that you face during the operation of your server, you can tell the hosting company to fix them pronto.
5. Upgrades
At some point, the server machine would require upgrades so that it runs in perfect condition. You can call your hosting company so that they can initiate the upgrades for you.
6. Backup
Of course, it is imperative that you conduct data backups regularly. This is quite cumbersome if you are the one managing the server. But in this case, you do not have to worry about that since the company will do it for you.

Why Managed Hosting is Important for Your Business

Running a server machine at all times requires a lot of time and attention, especially if you want to maintain it in perfect working order.
Fortunately, you can have your hosting company manage the server themselves so you can focus your attention to what truly matters- your business operations.