Would you enjoy reading a website with unattractive typography? The primary reason people visit a website is to read significant information, so the way you present your words matters a lot.

Remember that your website should convey the emotion and intent of your business to potential customers. The best and easiest way to do this is through typefaces, or you could ask for the assistance of the web design services.

Treat typography as an extension of your brand. Select one that is suits your industry well, and compliments your image and brand. Be consistent. Below are some techniques that will help you get started.

  1. Alignment is important.

To deliver an amazing user experience, the text should be aligned to compliment the flow and structure of your content. Let alignment serve as a guide for your customers and readers. Make sure that it would be easy to navigate around.

  1. Text size matters.

Font sizes contribute a lot to good user experience. Keep this In mind when executing your web design strategy. Your text should be large enough to be read. If a visitor needs to zoom out an in, then this would affect user experience negatively. Spacing is also crucial. Having the right distance between the words and characters can impact the overall look of your content, as well as its readability.

  1. Change the weight of your text.10 kg weight white character+heavy effect by TakamiChie

If you need to change the weight of your text to emphasize keywords, please do. This would enhance readability for all your visitors. It is also a much better way of driving attention to the most important points, instead of utilizing multiple fonts.

  1. Check how fonts appear in different browsers.

Google provides various safe fonts that can be downloaded, free of charge. However, you should know that not all of them will look good on different platforms and browsers. Make sure that your fonts will render consistently on smaller screens.

  1. It’s all about context.

Some fonts are appropriate for different brands, industries and purposes. Choose the right one for your business. Utilizing a simple, basic one is often the most popular option. However, if you want to get people talking about your brand, you might want to pick a decorative one.

  1. Limit your typefaces.evaluation - score by Iyo

Consistency is the key in making your webpages look credible and professional. Use the same typeface all throughout your website. You can also consider incorporating around 2 to 4 fonts in your design. Utilizing too much fonts will make your website look disorganized, and can spark confusion.