1. Automation

Knowing how to build an online store in Malaysia has its own challenges. You need to research
on tons of concepts, and focus on separating yourself apart from other existing businesses. This
2020, more ecommerce platforms will pay more attention in automating their operations, from
order processing and inventory management to billing and delivery schedules. This is one of
making your life easier, as an online business owner.

2. Native Social-Selling

More and more people getting more comfortable buying items through social media platforms. In
fact, Instagram and Facebook stores attracting more traffic, with more customers purchasing
different items. Social selling is one of those ecommerce trends that you should never ignore.

Soon, your customers will prefer to buy products on social media shops.

3. Mobile Commerce

Expect mobile commerce to strengthen this 2020 and beyond. However, before jumping on the
mobile commerce trend, you need to ensure that your ecommerce website is mobile-friendly, at
that the purchasing process is simple and easy. You wouldn’t want your customers to navigate
through difficult pages before completing their purchases. If you can, develop a mobile app for
your business. This can be used without too much bandwidth.

4. International Markets

Considering tapping into the developing markets in Bangladesh, Pakistan, China and India. The
benefits of providing quality ecommerce products and services are numerous. However, before
you launch online operations on these countries, it’s crucial to have local market partnerships
and knowledge. Entering a new markets have risks, and your venture must have contingencies in
place, just in case something goes wrong.

5. Social Commerce

Majority of digital professionals and ecommerce analysts believe that social media and online
shopping are part of the future. This is because people spend tons of time on Twitter and
Facebook, browsing various products and services, and asking for quality recommendations.

This shift it consumer behavior is now progressing rapidly, most especially among the youth
who are regarded as the main target market of the ecommerce future.