Technology is altering the way we live. Mobile apps and mobile app developers have a special impact on that. Others promote regular operation (reminders, an ambulance call or just a coffee order), while others simply help kill time (if there is any free time). But it’s hard to imagine the existence of today without all of them. S Mobile apps are the culture we’re used to in. Their development was like Bitcoin not a bubble. Like an iPhone battery running iOS 11, it is not a temporary trend, doomed to exhaustion, either.

What are we to expect in the developments in mobile app and game development in 2020? The 2020 Trends in Mobile App Growth are:
1.Introduction to Cloud Storage

2.Mobile wallets, and gateways of payment


4.Improved Reality

5.”On-demand” apps

6.And iBeacon

7.Integration of chat bots

With the start of the 5 G trial, many changes will be made to the mobile application development field. Implementing new technologies will change the methods used for development. In other words, 2020 will bring many new trends in all areas, including the creation of a Cloud Storage Development mobile application that ordinary users do not always need a cloud. It is used to store the most valuable data, quite rarely. Yet interestingly some big companies are still using conventional servers to provide their infrastructure. In the modern era the hosting of local servers has become sluggish.

Cloud Storage Development

Cloud integration will allow you to run multiple large servers simultaneously with no loss of speed. Certain apps also include:
· Reduced costs;

· enhanced efficiency;

· improved safety;

· more efficient applications.

Cloud inclusion is gradually becoming available in the company’s servers. Mobile applications expand their capabilities and functionality, and can be synchronized with other devices. Because they become ever more demanding.

Against this background, cloud integration is set to become part of the development of mobile applications in 2020.

Mobile wallets and gateways Plastic cards replaced the cash (except for small payments) almost entirely at one point.

But they were replaced very soon by mobile-phone settlements. Apple Pay and Google Pay are two supercharged systems
Apple Pay and Google Pay are two innovations which today do not shock anyone. They enable you to pay much faster for purchases and eliminate the need to carry a bunch of cards along.

Payment services however have reached a new level. People today often use not only cash or bank cards, but also e-wallets such as payer, as well as cryptocurrencies. If Bitcoin payment is still in doubt in England, the form is not new in the USA or Japan. It’s an outstanding start-up idea.

A main advantage in comparison with mobile banking is an improved level of security. By making digital payments people like to have alternatives. That’s why a number of firms (including banks) offer payment support made using crytocurrency. Smartphone payments are beginning to generate more revenue than the credit or debit cards. That’s why the development of relevant applications is one of the core points of most existing companies ‘ strategies.


One of the best discoveries of recent years is this technology. Blockchain provides nearly the highest level of security, increases application performance and accelerates data transfer.

Therefore, several businesses are already starting to create apps, incorporating alternative payment mechanisms into them. Mobile wallets are also developed on the basis of key methods of payment.

Also, it acts as the foundation for cryptocurrency transactions, considered the most stable today.
Now, however, it is not used just for cryptocurrencies. Therefore, the blockchain lets you create decentralized mobile apps. At one point on they can’t be managed and hacking would require huge costs that can’t pay off.

Why is this the absolute development trend for mobile apps? Because several Blockchain-based smartphones have already been released. Among these, Sirin Lab Finney, HTC Exodus and Swiss Bank BitVault Blockchain smartphones, which is used by Apple or Huawei, have not yet achieved any prominence. But those business leaders are likely to release a blockchain-based model soon as well.

Using the blockchain, more and more mobile apps will be developed thanks to efficient synchronization, high security and versatility of this technology.

Augmented Reality

A few years ago, only movies were able to show the possibilities of the augmented reality. Although it was raised a long time ago in the directors ‘ eyes. What is only worth showing data about an individual through Terminator’s eyes. Augmented reality today constantly occupies our lives. For instance, developed applications that help in car repair.

So instead of using a device to perform diagnostics, it is enough to synchronize the smartphone with the car and open the app. These data will be displayed on the screen while aiming the camera at the engine:

• accumulation of liquids (oil, brake, etc.);

• temperature below the hood;

• critical state of individual vehicle components;

• main breakdown.
Therefore, even before reaching the service centre, the driver has the opportunity to find out the causes of the failure. This will help manage a breakdown without help from outside. If such abilities do not exist, the driver will save time studying the root causes of a car breakdown.

There are many variations in incorporating Augmented Reality in mobile app creation. It system can be used to transfer information about the closest locations, details about each individual (exclusively for law enforcement), the least busy roads and much more.

Augmented Reality is a new page in both mobile app growth and the whole IT industry as a whole.
Applications “on-demand” One of the major trends in the development of UX is improving the technology to order services. There is a devastating lack of time to call a car or to book a table. Moreover, this method doesn’t allow you to know instantly about places or prices available. You need to ask individual questions for all of this, and wait for the manager to check the information.

Thus, companies are working to create customer “on-demand” mobile applications. One example-Uber, which doesn’t operate the first year. The user will find out in seconds the length and cost of the journey, the expected waiting time and even choose travel route.

It is interesting that many improvements have already passed through the application beginning with the code side graphics and of course the update. Therefore, the ordering mechanism is efficiently enforced by voice commands, as well as integration with other devices, from laptop to smart home.

More and more industries are being saturated with companies using the business model of “run-on-demand,” which stimulates the growth of applications like uber ans zomato. This creates a corresponding trend .

iBeacon 2020

This Apple technology is gaining popularity in marketing slowly but surely. Firstly, it shows to advertisers new opportunities. Second, it removes the consumer burden. What does iBeacon mean?

These are beacons which generate communication over a remote connection with wireless devices. A small push notification with the defined information comes to the phone when a connection is created.

For example, selling of last pair of shoes in a clothing store. Because it goes by, the buyer does not always pay attention to the banners. In this scenario, Beacon would be something of a beacon. The sensor will contact the device as soon as a person passes by and give it a corresponding message.

This technology is not new but it was not very common because of its imperfections.
it will have a big impact on the development of mobile applications.

The snag is that the Beacon can not contact the device itself. It finds a connection to a specific application that responds to that technology’s sensors. As this is a good step in marketing development, many companies will be developing applications based on iBeacon’s response.

P.A. Perhaps experts would frown at this technology when reading my definition. But I was trying to convey the meaning in the simplest and most available way.

Chat bots integration

Chatbots are one example of how artificial intelligence is effectively implemented. Today, the amount is about $500 million. So we see that chatbots are virtually an integral part of digital reality.

Previously, you could see how websites are using chat bots. The technology has long been clumsy, because it works on the neural network principle. That is, studying the user behavior requires time.

Chatbots have replaced customer support on many websites Summing up In the coming years, we will see that in mobile applications more advanced technologies will be used to create a more exciting and stable user experience. Businesses will continue to improve mobile applications with a focus on streamlining operations and improving customer service, as increasing numbers of people are using smartphones to perform daily tasks.

Development of mobile applications is important for any company wishing to remain competitive. Compliance with development trends is part and parcel of improving the quality of customer interaction.

I can not say with absolute confidence that smartphones are the future. What can happen in a month’s time is unknown.
But today, in any field, such devices occupy the lion’s share of our time. Mobile application development trends therefore play a key role in the promotion of companies and the optimisation of simple daily activities