Are you in need of good website solutions to improve better experience for your visitors? At this day and age, customers expect seamless and fast navigation journey. Below are some of the most basic web solutions you can apply to your web pages.



  • Make it legible and readable.


Readability and legibility can affect user experience. If your visitors can’t read your web pages, then your website would suffer terribly. Even if you are already a trendy, much-loved brand, if your web pages are not legible, then you are alienating a big part of your customer base.



  • Make it fast.


Address your website’s speed issue immediately. Other solutions would require an expert’s assistance, others you can do all by yourself. You can begin on the simplest things. Use online-friendly images. Check the image sizes. If you think they are too big for your website, adjust the sizes. If your photos take too much time to load, people would abandon your website. Requesting for a fast loading time from your website developer should be a priority for you.



  • Make it helpful.


Many people are willing to pay more if the business proves to be 100 percent transparent. If not, they would switch brands immediately. As a small business, you should strive hard to be transparent, most especially in social media. Focus your marketing on helpfulness and transparency.



  • Apply the rules consistently.


It’s true that rules are meant to be broken. However, there are best practices that should be followed in order to be successful in the long run. One of the most common rules deals with search boxes. Putting it at the bottom right part of your web page can negatively impact your user experience. Moreover, call-to-action buttons should stand out, and defined clearly.




At this day and age, a big part of web traffic come from mobile devices. Ignoring how your website looks in smaller screens can cost you more than half of your potential customers. Make sure that your pages are mobile friendly by testing it on various devices.