1. Take courses in Udemy to make better content.

Do you think you need SEO optimization services in Malaysia? To improve your blogging business, you would need all the help you would need. Apart from hiring a professional, you can also educate yourself more by taking courses from Udemy. There are tons of SEO copywriting courses you can explore from there. These courses can help you improve the overall structure of your blog content.

2. Learn more about LSI keywords.

Google loves paying attention to LSI keywords, or Latent semantic indexing keywords. This is another term for closely related words or synonyms. LSI keywords help Google comprehend what your web pages are all about.

3. Browse forums.

By browsing forums, you can check out the keywords your target readers use. This is an important technique you can utilize to improve traffic. Optimize your web page like you normally would, and then before hitting publish, scan through forums for phrases and words people use around your niche market and topic.

4. Borrow catchy headline formulas from BuzzFeed.

Many content marketers and strategists hate BuzzFeed’s clickbait headlines. But, no matter how many professionals put it on negative light, it still delivers. These headlines are geniuses! Consider these headlines as formulas that can drive in more people, and catch their attention.

5. Look for long-tail keywords using BuzzSumo Question Analyzer.

If you want to improve your website’s traffic, you need to explore long-form content. Before you start, list down all the long-tail keywords that you want to include in your blog post. Feel free to use reliable tools for this, such as the BuzzSumo Question Analyzer.