What do you really know about architects? A lot of people, when they hear the term, would think about people that work in architecture firms, create blueprints, aid in the construction of a building, among other things.

While those things are true, those things are just part of what constitutes an architect. In this article, I will provide you with everything you need to know about the profession.

What Do Architects Do?

The main functions of an architect include providing designs for houses, office buildings, factories, monuments, parks, and other structures. Below are just some of the many duties of architects just so that you will have a general idea of the profession:

  • They will give rough estimates regarding the cost and construction time
  • Meet with their clients to help determine the requirements and objectives for the structures they want to build
  • They will create the blueprints, floor plans, and other structure specifications
  • They will prepare scaled and 3D drawings, either through the use of physical tools or with a computer software
  • They will direct workers who will prepare the documents and drawings necessary for the creation of the building
  • They will manage construction contracts
  • They will prepare the necessary documents for building contractors
  • They will visit worksites to help ensure that the building structure adheres to good architectural standards
  • They can also seek new projects and job opportunities through marketing and giving amazing presentations.

Here’s the thing: people actually need structures. They can either use it as a means to sleep soundly at night or perhaps provide an avenue for them to work. Architects, you could say, are responsible for designing such places.

They either work on private or public projects and will create designs for both indoor spaces such as homes and office buildings, as well as outdoor spaces such as parks and monuments.

Architects can be assigned to help make designs for anything- from a single room to an entire complex of interconnected buildings.

They have the prime task of discussing the requirement and objectives of the building project that is in line with the budget that is set by their clients. They can also act as consultants in that they can provide various predesign services, such as the environmental impact, feasibility, site selection, design requirements, cost analyses, and many more.

They may create blueprints through the use of computer-aided design or building information modeling or BIM. However, there are some that would go for the more traditional route of drawing them by hand.

As the construction of the building commences, architects may visit the site to ensure that the building contractors are doing what is stated in the original design and so that it adheres to the schedule that was pre-determined before the project started.

Furthermore, the construction of the building should also take into account the materials and that they meet quality standards to ensure that the building has good integrity and so that it will last for quite a long time.

In summary, architects do a lot of things, but the main goal is to help create buildings and structures- both for outdoor and indoor applications.