All the Things Your Wedding DJ Can Do (Besides Play Music)


Your wedding DJ will assume an imperative job on the day you wear your luxury wedding dress—and it’s in reality something other than playing music to fill the dance floor. Indeed, a wedding DJ has numerous employments to do, some of which you’ll see, others that are progressively under-the-radar.

That is the reason enlisting an all-around checked on expert is absolutely justified, despite all the trouble (which means, making a Spotify playlist, connecting your iPhone to certain speakers, and considering it daily truly won’t cut it).

Here are the things you presumably didn’t know your rockstar wedding DJ can do—besides playing major tuneage, that is.

Implements the day-of course of events

While your wedding organizer, as well as venue, will probably lead the pack on making your big day course of events, an accomplished DJ will positively contribute, since he/she knows to what extent certain pieces of the gathering will take.

Additionally, your wedding DJ is in charge of executing and authorizing the course of events amid your gathering, influencing declarations to guarantee that occasions to happen on time and if there are any hold-ups, modifying likewise.

Gives sound gear

Sound Gear

Having top-notch, working sound gear is an outright should—and your wedding DJ will have that all secured. Without receivers, speakers, and so forth, your guests won’t most likely hear your first presentation as a wedded couple, the verses to your first-dance melody, your best man’s toast, the declaration that supper is being served, or that the last dance is being played.

(May) supply lighting

While we do prescribe procuring an organization that spends significant time in lighting for progressively broad needs, many wedding DJs offer uplighting as a feature of their administrations. Uplighting comprises of littler lighting frameworks that can be set on the floor and point light upwards to feature your tables and dance floor.

Converse with your wedding DJ to check whether this is something that can be incorporated into your bundle, or in case you’re more qualified to enlist an expert lighting organization.

Ensures all gear is working

Working audio

There are a couple of things more irritating amid a wedding gathering than music that is excessively noisy, excessively delicate, or muted, or the direst outcome imaginable, dead air because of breaking down gear.

Not exclusively do experienced wedding DJs use first class, best in class gear, they likewise do sound checks at your venue a long time before the gathering starts to guarantee that everything is working appropriately so there won’t be any ungainly hush.

Sets the state of mind

Certainly, you could improve a wedding DJ’s job by saying he/she “plays the music.” But it’s extremely about something beyond choosing and playing tunes. A wedding DJ sets the tone for your gathering by playing the correct tunes at the correct occasions and perusing the group in like manner.

On the off chance that you need your gathering to be an all-out rager, they’ll realize the correct tunes to place guests in a moving state of mind. On the other hand, if your objective is a gathering with an old-school sentimental feel, your DJ will realize how to make that vintage vibe. What’s more, a gifted wedding DJ knows precisely how to pack the dance floor if your guests are getting excessively agreeable in their seats.

Encourages you to pick tunes


Your wedding DJ can be an extraordinary wellspring of exhortation in case you’re attempting to pick tunes for any of your uncommon dances. An accomplished DJ has seen direct which tunes work and which don’t and is state-of-the-art on the most current tunes.

That is the reason it’s essential to meet with your wedding DJ (face to face, if conceivable!) half a month prior to your wedding to make your tune chooses and don’t play list. Obviously, your DJ will have a broad library of melodies you (or your guests!) can ask for, however, the key is knowing whether they’re proper and when to play them.

Fills in as emcee

Emcee might be the most imperative job your wedding DJ will play. Think about your DJ as the host, voyage executive, and go-to person throughout the night, making declarations and guaranteeing that your guests know about what’s happening and what’s straightaway.

Having your wedding DJ fill in as emcee is undeniably more definitive and expert than you endeavoring to yell “Time for supper!” over the impacting music. Your guests are bound to pursue headings from an accomplished wedding DJ and will look to your DJ (rather than you or your new life partner) for data, so your huge day will continue easily and you can concentrate on getting a charge out of consistently!

Can make mashups and tune cuts

Mash ups

Stressed your first dance melody may be a bit excessively long? Your wedding DJ has got you secured! Need to begin your dad little girl dance with a moderate tune and afterward shock your guests by cutting into a Michael Jackson top pick?

A DJ can make a custom remix only for you. Many wedding DJs are gifted at making mashups, remixes, and altering tune lengths to meet your requirements—simply inquire!

Conceals any hiccups

Things may turn out badly on your big day, yet luckily, wedding DJs are geniuses at getting things in the groove again. Suppose supper is running marginally behind timetable. Your DJ can play an additional couple of melodies with the goal that guests are too bustling moving to mind that the sustenance’s not prepared.

Or then again perhaps your father is in the bathroom when he should give his toast. Your DJ can cover until he’s accessible. Your guests won’t see any possibly ungainly setbacks when you have an expert wedding DJ in charge.