A Quick Baby Gear Shopping Guide for Parents

Are you contemplating on getting some baby gears soon? If so, you may want to look at this brief guide as I will be talking about some things that your baby will need.

Of course, you do not have to go outside to buy some stuff because you can pretty much do all of the shopping online now through an online baby store.

That being said, here are some must-haves:

Crib/Crib Mattress

The very first thing that you need to buy is a crib. This is your baby’s own bed which is why I consider it to be the most important.

The choice of getting one would be dependent on your baby’s gender (although, there are some cribs that have neutral colors as their motif).

Also, get another crib mattress so that whenever one gets dirty, you can just swap the other one with relative ease.

Rocking Chair

Sometimes, your baby wants to be pampered and relaxed and one way that you can provide both would be to get a rocking chair. Of course, get one that has enough padding so that it won’t be too hard on your baby.


Your baby would love you if the house smells good. Furthermore, there are some oils that would also help clear the air so to speak- getting rid of bacteria and other airborne agents from infecting your child.

Baby Monitor

If you have a relatively large house, you may want to get a baby monitor as well. This can be very helpful, especially if you are going to go on the other end and your baby doesn’t have their own babysitter yet.

Formula Feeding Bottles

I suggest that as a start, you get a total of 8 bottles. Now, if you’re wondering why you need so many, that is because you do not make one feeding bottle on the same bottle. One bottle=one feeding time, and then you wash it again before use. That is why it is kind of a hassle if you only have less than 8.

Furthermore, you can try out different nipple sets to find out which ones your baby wants to use on a more frequent basis because not all babies are the same (because they also have a preference like you and me).

While you’re at it, you may also want to get a bottle warmer or sterilizer as well. That is because it is necessary to thoroughly clean the bottles before you make their milk to ensure that all of the harmful bacteria have been washed out.

Breast Pump

It is recommended that you feed your baby with breastmilk because it contains nutrients that are not found in formula milk. But, doing so manually is painful on a woman’s body.

That is why you will need to get a breast pump. These things will help pump some milk off of the woman’s nipple with relative ease.


Of course, you do not want your baby to feel uncomfortable, especially if they have just peed or poo’d. That being said, get a set of diapers. I highly suggest that you buy those that turn into a gel when it comes in contact with liquid. This is just to avoid any rashes from occurring.