It has become quite cliché at this point that you should take care of your health in order for your body to function as normal as it should. However, there are some habits that would veer us away from that, such as the ones that I will discuss in this article.
Although male enhancement pills have been proven to work wonders for people with depressed libidos, that in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle should be followed.

  • Binge Eating

Let me ask you a question: Do you eat to live or live to eat? Most of the people would answer the latter and that could potentially bring them to a host of medical conditions.
Binge eating, in itself, is a bad thing. That is because most of the time, people eat copious amounts of foods that are generally bad for you. Food that are high on saturated fat, trans fat, sodium, and sugar are all of the things that people gorge on when they binge eat.

  • You Get Stressed Too Often

Don’t get me wrong, stress is a necessary part of our lives. Unfortunately, some people do not disconnect from the things that stress them and are in a prolonged state of stress that could lead to health problems.
If you find yourself being stressed quite often, it is important that you find the time to de-stress and do the stuff that you enjoy.

  • You Don’t Engage in Foreplay

Most men rarely engage in foreplay and if you are part of that demographic, I suggest that you rethink your options.
You see, there have been countless studies that suggest that men who engage in foreplay are able to last a bit longer than their peers who do not engage and such. If you want to know what turns women on, masturbation and oral sex.

  • You’re Too Busy

I understand that there are some people that are wired to be workaholics but if you find yourself spending way too much time on work, you might compromise your time for love-making.
I know that this may sound unappealing for some but scheduling your sexy time is much better than no sex at all.

  • You Stick to Old Habits

There are some people that are okay with the familiar and there are some that always look for novelty. Well, when it comes to sex, novelty matters.
Doing the same positions over and over again might make your relationship stale faster than you think. Try different positions out and make every sex session an enjoyable one.

  • You Let Others Bring You Down

If you are a person that lets other people’s opinions run your life, then that could be problematic. This is especially true when they start talking about your body image. Things like ‘you’ve gained some weight’ or ‘you’ve let yourself go’ are statements that could put a damper on your self-image and could potentially ruin your sex life in the process.
Always think about the positive. You may have gained some weight but that doesn’t mean that you cannot do anything that will fix that problem.

  • You Drink Too Much

A little booze cannot hurt but too much of it can. Not only is too much alcohol consumption generally bad for you, but it may also result in diminished sexual performance. Men should limit themselves to drinking only two glasses/bottles of alcohol per day.