1. The ability to add domains

What comes with growth in the digital landscape is diversification. As you grow your brand, you
will realize that you need multiple domains, subdomains and websites. Thus, signing up with a
web host that can help you with this is important. Research on the costs of unlimited subdomain
and website packages, and compare them to other industry players.

2. Account limitations

Each web hosting company has a specific set of terms of engagement. When violated, it can
result to additional charges, and permanent discontinuation of web hosting services. There are
tons of top hosting websites in Malaysia, so make sure to take the time to research on these
terms. Avoid those companies without clear, thorough terms of engagement.

3. Uptime scores, security and reliability

Unstable network connections and weak servers can push your website offline. This will deny
you more viewership and sales. Soon, it can lead to lower rankings on Google and other search
engines. Banking on a web host with good uptime scores is the key to your website’s success. Go
for those that has an uptime score of around 99.5%.

4. Customer service

How speedy and efficient is the web hosting company when it comes to offering support for
technical issues? Choose a firm that delivers live support 24/7. Go for those that provide chat
support, email support and ticketing system. Prioritize web hosts with an in-house client support

5. Website backups availability

More and more websites are being targeted by cyberattacks. Hackers are no longer focused on
finance websites. Even your personal blog can fall victim to these attacks. This is the reason why
you need to work with a web host that can help you implement regular backups.

6. Registration and maintenance costs

Many website hosting companies provide attractive web hosting deals during sign up. The thing
is, their renewal charges are a lot bigger. Always check the renewal charges on your preferred
plan before availing it.