1. Citing one Instagram comment or post from a forum as a fact

Do you know that every person who posts on forum can declare himself or herself as an expert?
No one fact checks these details, so don’t take them seriously. Remember, that the world is filled
with individuals who are to take advantage of you. Believe it or not, tons of people make
thousands worth of decisions based solely on Instagram and forum posts. Thousands of followers
don’t make a person an expert.

2. Proclaiming yourself as the world’s biggest watch collector

There are many watch collects who claim to be the greatest and biggest collectors there is. Well,
you, together with your random friends, are not yet experts in this field. A person who loves
reading about watches for women in Malaysia is not an expert. Being an expert takes more than
just a few hours of research. You need experience, and a vast network in the industry.

3. Assuming that high prices achieved at auctions happened only because the watch brand was the bidder

It’s true that brands bid and purchase timepieces for their own collections at watch auctions.
Many of them have private museums. However, watch companies don’t bid on several watches
each year. Their bids are primarily strategic. Basically, they just get timepieces that deserve to be
part of their collection. This means they only bid at historically important watches.

4. Thinking that a movement makes a timepiece

Don’t define a timepiece based on its movement. Don’t ever get caught up in the watch
movement comparison game many fans love to play. There is more to a timepiece than just the
movement. Look at its movement characteristics, case construction, exterior finishing, dial
design and more. Watch movement matter, but so do other features and details.

5. Believing that plenty of complications and a high price automatically equates to bragging rights and quality

Another misconception about watch fans is than expensive watch is always a high quality one.
That is not always true, though. Balance must always be respected. Plenty of Swiss brands
advertise their watch complications in an effective manner, and we always fall for it. Do you
know that experienced collectors are more impressed with elegant, thin watches? These types of
timepieces do something in a more thoughtful way.