5 Facts That You Need to Know About Mobile App Development


Mobile app development is one of the most lucrative careers anyone can do nowadays. Despite the fact that there are already a lot of different mobile apps on the market, the need for genuine mobile app developers is still going strong.

If you create something worthwhile, your application will provide you with some steady income (and if it is really popular, you’re going to earn a lot of money as well).

If you’re contemplating on becoming a mobile app developer, I encourage you to read this article first so that you will know the things that you need to be aware of when tackling this endeavor.

  1. Legal Agreements

Legal Agreement

Whether you work in an agency or as a freelance mobile app developer, it is important that you and the client will sign a legal agreement.

Consider this as your contract- an assurance for you that no matter what happens, you’re going to get what is stipulated in the agreement.

Always discuss with the client what they want in their applications and then discuss how much money is going to be involved.

It then has to be clearly stated on the agreement and both parties (you and the client) should sign it.

  1. Cost of App Development

The cost of app development is pretty high. You could even spend upwards of $5,000 just for an application with basic features.

If you are a client, expect to pay anywhere between $3000+ if you want to create a solid application with all of the features that you want.

When hiring an app developer, make sure that you discuss the terms and conditions very carefully and both of you have to be on the same page on this one.

  1. Payment Models


There are many ways you can monetize your application. You could let people download an application by paying a standard fee upfront before they can do so.

You can also release an application in its “lite” stages- where some functions can only be unlocked by purchasing the “pro” version. This is a great way for you to allow people to test your application and if they like it, they will buy it.

You can also go for the subscription-based model where you will charge your users monthly or annually. For instance, you can use Spotify premium by paying $2 every month.

  1. Writing Your App’s Description

If you look at the top-selling applications, you will find that they have a very detailed description of their application. Furthermore, they even include relevant photos and videos as well to help entice people to download it.

Once you’re going to write a description for your application, make sure to include all of its features as well as some compelling reasons why your application is better than others.

  1. Testing and Promoting Your App

App Test

Testing your application is a crucial step in the process. You do not want to release a mobile app that is full of bugs, right?

Once you run your application through a rigorous testing phase, you can then submit your application to the different app stores for approval.

Also, you want your application to be seen. Use different marketing channels to do that. You can either put that on your company’s social media page, your website, and any other digital media as well.