1. Roam Around the Busy Streets of Jonker

This must be the main draw for Melaka! Jonker Street is one of Melaka’s main tourist streets and transforms into a night market full of food stalls, clothes stalls and so much more on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings! It’s a great experience to stroll alone or with an Melaka girl escort.

2. Love the Street Art of Melaka

Street art is what makes Melaka so beautiful and on your Melaka trip will give you plenty of photo opportunities. There is plenty of street art around the river and it’s all in perfect condition as well! Visit Melaka will take care of it as they know that street art is now one of Malacca’s biggest attractions and it is so popular for it!

3. Drink a Cup of Coffee at Art Filled Cafes

The cafes in Melaka are really good when it comes to what to do in Melaka, adding to the enjoyable and vibrant charm! There is a mix of local cafes and restaurants as well as trendy cafes that can be brought from London or Melbourne straight away!

4. Visit Cheng Hoon Temple

Just off Jonker Road, Cheng Hoon Temple is worth a quick stop. There are a few Buddhist temples in Melaka but this is popular and I have to do stuff on my list in Malacca as it is the oldest functioning Buddhist temple in Malaysia and I read on a sign that it is the oldest temple in South East Asia. From the outside and inside it’s very pretty.

5. Know the Past with Melaka Museums

I always recommend going to a museum for more information about what to do in Malacca. There are many various museums in Melaka, I saw the Stamp Museum, the Kite Museum, the Museum of Architecture, and the Museum of Democratic Government.

6. Fill Up Your Tummy with Many Choices of Food

As I said above there is the Jonker Night Market in Melaka offering lots of street food, there are also some very nice cafes whether you want a cake and coffee or local food, particularly Nyonya food in Malacca which is a mix of Malaysian and Chinese I believe!

7. Enjoy the Rickshaw Rides!

This is where the vibrant and lively Melaka gets even more! In Melaka there are thematic tricycles that were completely covered and now look like Hello Kitty, Pikachu and Frozen Tricyles, it’s nuts! Okay, in truth, if you think the day is nuts, you should see them at night when they light up and have music blaring out of them!

8. Cruise and See the City View

Melaka’s tourism center is separated by a river and you can do a river boat ride if you need more suggestions on what to do in Melaka. Boats run throughout the day and night, I heard an evening boat ride was extra special and I can guess it’s as the river’s cafes and restaurants are open and the river’s lights turn on.

9. Walk and Captivate with the View of the CIty

Walking up the river is another great way to see more of Melaka on foot. You’re going to go through loads of more street art and cool cafes and it’s a perfect way to get away from Jonker Walk’s crowds in Melaka, particularly if you’re visiting Melaka on a weekend where it’s getting really busy.

10. Know the Past in St. Pauls

I enjoyed coming here because it’s not far from the river and the clock tower where Christ’s church is but it’s a little secret and once you’re there it opens up into the fort and you’ll end up seeing much more than just the church. St Paul’s ruins are just a few steps up a hill, but there’s a good view and you can even see the water!